The best of living near the sea.

Summer is coming and escaping a few days out of the city is one of the most recurring thoughts. That moment when you can finally go on vacation. But, have you thought about living 365 days a year on the beach?
In addition to being a place that usually has a better climate and that gives the feeling of being on vacation all year round, living near the sea has various benefits, both physical and psychological.

Studies assure that the sound of the sea activates an area of ​​the brain that is associated with emotions and self-reflection, which increases the potential for well-being and the capacity for self-knowledge, along with causing the feeling of peace and relaxation, living close to the Playa provides various instances of recreation for the whole family and also creates an environment that encourages the regular practice of physical activities, such as long walks along the coastline and activities such as surfing, jogging and beach volleyball.

Another benefit is related to moderate exposure to the sun that favors the production of vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system and raises the levels of endorphins, also known as the hormones of happiness. In the summer months or on hot days, bathing in the sea, in addition to being an entertaining activity, allows contact with cold water and this increases circulation.

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