Moraira, a dream destination.

                It extends for more than two hundred kilometers of coastline in the province of Alicante. If you sometimes have a reputation for being a concrete shoreline, put these preconceptions aside. Far from being disfigured, this region offers long sandy beaches, a mild climate, an interior drawn by the mountains and, above all, great authenticity. The good life also goes there for its lively nightlife, while history buffs roam its castles and its small villages built with pride. The Costa Blanca also offers cities known for their cosmopolitanism and their cultural environment. A trip will probably not be enough to taste all the pleasures of this sublime coastal strip, so what better option than to move to a coastal life.

                When we talk about sports and ways to entertain yourself on the coast, it begins in the water, when you set out to conquer the Costa Blanca, you will discover a sea infinitely explored by kitesurfers, jet ski pilots, sailors, divers and windsurfers. They evolve in various environments. The long sandy beaches that stretch to infinity alternate with small coves and the charred tables of immense cliffs. These places where there are all shades of blue welcome water sports fans, both beginners and experts,

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